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Download the Buy v Build Guide

Develop and Maintain an Edge in Alpha Generation.  

Discover the do's, don'ts and how-to's of setting up your quant infrastructure. 


With the ongoing quantification of the financial investment industry, a powerful quant infrastructure is essential to develop and maintain an edge in alpha generation. Setting up a quant infrastructure that offers the flexibility to efficiently scale your business is a complex, time-consuming and expensive task.

In our guide Buy v Build - How to Set Up Your Quant Infrastructure, we address issues that investors should consider when deciding between an internal build or an outsourced solution.

  • What are the main challenges asset owners face when setting up a quant infrastructure?
  • What are the key requirements of a quant infrastructure
  • What should asset owners consider when deciding between buying or building a quant infrastructure?


Download our guide for full insight into how to efficiently set up a scalable and flexible quant infrastructure.