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Research report:

Institutional Investor Research Report 2021

Insights from 100 leading pension funds and other institutional investors globally on ESG, custom indexing, and the role of technological advancements.

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You'll discover that

  • 85% expect the focus on climate action to increase

  • 70% believe demand for custom indexing will increase strongly

  • 62% will increase resource allocation to new technologies

The investment management industry is undergoing tremendous change. Indexing and ESG are reshaping investor portfolios, while digitisation is impacting the industry’s entire value chain.

We commissioned a survey of pension funds and other institutional investors from across the globe to gain insights into how they address these mega trends.

The majority of investors surveyed expect their focus on ESG to increase over the next few years. Environmental factors such as climate action and affordable, clean energy will have the biggest impact on their investments. At the same time, investors acknowledge the difficulties in finding off-the-shelf investment products that match their specific ESG and investment policies. To solve this mismatch, the demand for tailored portfolio solutions, such as custom indexing - enabled by disruptive technologies and the ongoing digitisation - is expected to increase strongly.