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Enhanced Risk Premia Strategy Report


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The SigTech Risk Premia Report provides comprehensive performance analysis of diverse risk premia strategies across commodities, equities, fixed income and FX asset classes. They're structured in a long/short setting to minimize directional effects from the underlying asset class.

Our strategies emphasize transparency, a sound underlying economic rationale, tradability and a consistent methodology across strategies.

Recent enhancements to the SigTech’s monthly Risk Premia Strategy Report include:

  • Composite strategies: Analytics for five risk premia composite strategies and a multi risk premia strategy allocating across all 19 strategies.
  • Extended analytics: In-depth risk analytics and extended returns data for a granular strategy assessment.
  • Improved methodology: Revised underlying methodologies for the risk premia strategies, including extended investment universes and definition of risk factors.
  • New risk premia category: Though tail risk is not a traditional risk premia strategy, it has been added for its strong diversification properties.

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